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STM32-SDR Products
Splash screen.jpg STM32-SDR Kit-001
Out Of Stock The STM32-SDR Board with all SMT parts installed
KIT-002 640x480.jpeg STM32-SDR Kit-002
LCD Display and all components to complete through- hole parts on the STM32-SDR board
encoa.png ENC-001
Custom Plastic enclosure for Ensemble RXTX. Price includes extra shipping when ordered with a Kit-001 or Kit-002.
CBST-001640.JPG CBL-SET-001
If you hate making cables this is for you. All cables except RF cable to integrate a STM32-SDR and and Ensemble RXTX into the ENC-001. includes, Accessory Board RX I/Q Signal TX I/Q Signal RXTX interface USB cable and connector to solder into Accessory board. DC/DC pre-wired. No extra shipping cost if ordered with board and enclosure
STM32-SDR-RXTX_Kit-001800x600.JPG STM32-SDR-RXTX-Kit-001
Out of Stock Contact for more details Enclosure and Interface Board and all parts to use with Ensemble RXTX board and STM32-SDR board. For a complete radio you must have a working STM32-SDR board and a Ensemble RXTX!!